Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Is Tesla Stealing Porsche's Cows

Porsche has always been an interesting company. Starting as an ambitious project of Hitler’s, it has grown to become amazingly successful and a highly respected car manufacturer.
Today, Porsche fills a unique niche in the market. There are cars that are faster, and others that are more luxurious, but Porsche manages to occupy the sweet spot in between. Also, modern Porsches have many buttons to control a plethora of high-tech gadgets and systems.
As a result, people who buy Porsches like modern toys, are tech savvy, and have the means to treat themselves - in other words: all the executives at all of today’s most profitable companies.
These people are Porsche’s cash cows. And, with few other auto manufacturers specifically catering to these individuals, it is fairly easy for them.
That is until Tesla came along.
Tesla speaks to these customers even more than Porsche does. Tesla is like them - young, charismatic, ambitious.
While Porsche is thoroughly modern, Tesla is futuristic. Porsche uses old technology and improves it; Tesla is creating new technology and packages it in a familiar way.
I have no empirical evidence to support my theory, just that I live in “Silicon Valley of the North” and have noticed less Porsches on the road as the number of Teslas steadily increases.

What have you noticed in your city? Do you think Porsche should be concerned?

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