Welcome to my blog - A Frugal Beardsman. This website is dedicated to all the little things I do to live a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle without needing to constantly fork out bucket-loads of cash.
sparing or economical with regard to money or food.
"he led a remarkably frugal existence"
Synonyms: thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent, provident, unwasteful, sparing…
To me, being frugal doesn’t mean cheap, it just means I’m careful where and how I spend my money. If I can make a product equally as well (and sometimes better) by putting forth a bit of effort, I will. The sense of pride at my accomplishment is a much appreciated byproduct.
I was raised by pretty frugal parents, so I came about the lifestyle naturally. However, as a young parent of two very active children, and buying a beautiful house we could barely afford, I was forced to hone the skills I had coursing through my veins. What started as a lifestyle that was forced upon me eventually became a passion.
I have had facial hair for over a decade, but I never let it grow longer than a couple weeks before trimming it back. Finally, I stopped worrying about what others thought about me and decide to let it grow and be awesome. With help from the good people down at the internet, my beard is more glorious than I could ever have imagined, and I am able to maintain it and stay true to my frugal nature.
This was a big turning point in my life. Everyone has heard the cliches about loving oneself and ignoring anyone who tries to put you down, but saying it and living it are two very different things. Finding other people living the way I wanted to, even though I didn’t know them personally, was a great help to me.
One of the big lessons I came away with after consulting the good people down at the internet was: there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I take the suggestions offered to me, but I like to be creative and find a unique solution.
It is these solutions I wish to share with whoever is curious and needing a little encouragement. Nothing could be better than if I could provide some inspiration to someone else to be happy in their own frugal lifestyle.
If you like what I do, or have a suggestion on how I can be more frugal, I’d like to hear it. Feel free to leave a comment anytime you wish.
If you would like to get in touch on some other form of social media, here are the links to where I can be found:
In the meantime, be awesome, be frugal.

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