Tuesday, 13 September 2016

DIY Pallet Liquor Rack

Pallet Liquor Rack 1.jpg
My wife and I enjoy to imbibe, and love doing so with friends. So, we obviously are not shy about it and don’t try to hide our alcohol from anybody.
I mean, we don’t live in a time or country where we need to be ashamed of the fact that we like to have a drink or two, as long as we don’t abuse it - which we don’t.
With that being said, I quickly grew tired of the cupboard we hid our liquor in when we moved into our house. The logical place was above the refrigerator, but it is too high for my wife to even open the doors, let alone reach anything stored there. To be fair, it is also so deep that I can’t make use of more than the first eight inches or so.
I had consulted with the good people down at the internet on several occasions regarding a creative solution that would fit our decor, but it ultimately required many hours of sifting through examples until I finally found a satisfactory answer.
Not only did the one I like solve our problem, but it matched our rustic scheme and was cheap. Here’s what I made:
I have collected a few used pallets over the years. My neighbour loves pinterest and she and I have made a few projects using old pallets. Therefore, I have a few left over bits sitting in my basement.
Needing only a quarter of a pallet, I selected one that was in the best shape, and cut off the rest.
Then, I pulled two lengths of good wood off the part I had no plans for. I took one and decided how many of our wine glasses I thought I could reasonably hang from it.
Next was the most difficult part of the project - and it would have been quite easy if I had actually measured something. I just guessed at how wide the slots needed to be and drilled holes to get them started. It was simple to cut from the edge in to allow a glass stem to slide in.
However, our wine glasses have a very fat base, and didn’t fit in the gap I made. This meant I had to cut them wider after I thought I was finished everything, but in the end, it still wasn’t that difficult.
To create a space between the base of the shelf and my wine glass hanger, I simply cut some scrap in three 1-inch pieces. With this done, I sandwiched them between the hanger piece and the smooth, solid length and screwed them to the base of the pallet.
And that’s it.
I gave it a good sanding, and a light varnish, and it was ready to hang on the wall. While it’s only a portion of a whole pallet, it is still fairly heavy. I obviously located a pair of studs and used four good screws to secure it to the wall.
Pallet Liquor Rack 1.jpg
Standard size liquor bottles fit perfectly (as do empty maple syrup cans apparently). It allows for a quick visual inventory, and glasses are always within reach.
I’m happy with how it looks and it would have only taken me about an hour to make if I had measured properly and actually focused on what I was doing.

Is this a project you could see yourself doing? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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