Tuesday, 8 November 2016

DIY Pallet Coat Rack

Every homeowner knows there’s no such thing as a lazy weekend at home. Honey-do-lists are never ending and once one project finishes, another magically appears to take its place.
So, beginning to get on a roll, I turned my attention to other problem areas in my home.
Our rear entry is a small landing that leads up to our kitchen, or down to our unfinished basement. There’s very little room for clutter, but the small, simple hooks we moved in with couldn’t handle everything we were throwing at it.
Now, I know coat racks are not expensive. Heck, a couple of nails in the wall will do the job. But, I had some leftover material from other projects and I wanted to do something fun and unique. So, after a quick meeting with the good people down at the internet, I came up with plans for a quirky, yet functional, homemade coat rack.
Here’s the finished product and how I made it:
Pallet Coat Rack 2.jpg
Very simple and straightforward, yet with a little charm, too.
I used a quarter of pallet left over from my liquor rack project. I also cleaned up an extra slat I could use as a shelf. The shelf is just held in place by a few scrap 2x2 pieces.
For the fun part, I picked up a handful of spoons at the thrift store for a couple dollars. I drilled holes in the centre of the...spoon part, and then bent the handles so they could act as hooks. After that, it was just a matter of screwing everything in place.
After a quick sand and thin coat of varnish, my DIY Pallet coat rack was mounted on the wall.
Pallet Coat Rack 3.jpg

What do you think about it? Could you fit one in your home?

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