Friday, 24 October 2014

Why does small have to mean cheap?

When looking for a new car, it makes sense for some people to buy a small “city” car to make the daily commute. Either they already have a second vehicle that is larger to handle family/cargo duties or they are single and don’t have need for a big car.

A small car is easier to maneuver in traffic, easier to park and more fuel-efficient. Therefore they just make sense as daily drivers.

But what if a person doesn’t want to sit in an uncomfortable, plastic box. What happens if a customer has the means and the desire to commute in luxury, but doesn’t want a full-size saloon?

A quick examination of the available options shows that every small car is “cheap.” By that I mean you can’t get the same luxury features that you can on a larger one.

Leather upholstery. Unlikely. Ventilated and heated seats? Nope. Heated steering wheel? Nada. How about adaptive cruise control with full-stop capability? Lane departure warning system? No and no.

A few cars may have 1 or 2 of these options available, but no small car has all of them.

Why can’t manufacturers at least make these options available to the small car buyer? 

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