Friday, 7 November 2014

Auto manufacturers need to stop making infotainment systems

Car companies have a lot to think about when designing a new car - engine, brakes, suspension, aerodynamics, etc. Every aspect is broken down a multitude of times to ensure each part is as good as it can be.

This results in today’s cars being far safer, more reliable and vastly more efficient than ever before.

This also means that, on average, it takes seven years to get a new car from scratches on a piece of paper to the showroom.

However, one feature of modern cars is consistently criticized across the board: the infotainment system. Most are needlessly complicated and never quite work the way we would like them to. We want them to work like the devices we use all day, every day – our mobile phones.

While every new generation of a car may only come along once a decade, tech works at a much faster rate. New cell phones are constantly coming out with its technology updating about every six months or so.

That’s why our car infotainment systems always feel old and out of date.

Android Auto and CarPlay is great news. Automakers can now focus on making the best car they can, and Google and Apple will keep us connected and entertained while we are driving.

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